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Our design and production teams can quickly deliver innovative and cost effective solutions for any structure.

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Why is Oregon Truss just better? We have earned the reputation for exceptional service and support. Our sales team are all seasoned professionals with years of experience in the truss industry. They review plans to make sure you have the optimum design and will stick with your project all the way through framing to make sure the job’s done right. You can trust that we’re by your side.

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Just wanted to let you know that the trusses you guys sent out are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve dealt with alot of truss systems the past 20 years this last set is by far the nicest. My roofer even commented on how flat it is : ) i’ll be getting another set of plans over to you in the next couple weeks or so…little more complicated than this last one.

Ira Helmick

Ira Helmick Construction

I want to thank Oregon Truss for providing good quality trusses at a fair price. They integrated into the building very well and your delivery system was excellent.

Thanks again,
Paul in Oceanside


Paul in Oceanside

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